My first MMO was World of Warcraft which I started playing back in 2005. It was a bit of a weird experience because before that I had only played either single player games or games where the people I was playing against/with were also in the room with me. The fact that the other characters I saw out in the world were actual people in other places was very intimating, but it was also very fun and exciting.

I quickly discovered PvP and fell in love with it. The challenge of playing against other people was exhilarating. After my PvP guild finally fell apart I got into the raiding side of things and did that fairly hardcore for a few years. I have been a class lead, a recruitment officer, and a guild leader at various times in my WoW history.

In 2010 I became a moderator for MMO-Champion. I had read the site for years and got involved with the Priest forums there. It also brought a new aspect to the game for me because suddenly I could talk about all the theroycrafting with people who were actually interested in it. Another upside to MMO-Champion for me was that I was introduced me to many people who play many other MMO’s which lead to me trying Rift, SWTOR, and GW2.

I am very interested in what’s new in MMO’s these days and also how different games handle different issues. As a result this blog will cover a variety of MMO’s and issues that span across MMOs as opposed to focusing on just one.

Currently I am very active in GW2 and I raid in a Heroic raiding guild in WoW. I do still have a sub to Wildstar, though I haven’t played it in quite awhile.

Until recently I wrote about MMOs, did game reviews, and various other game related things at GAMEBREAKER. For now the link still works to see articles I wrote there.

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