My first MMO was World of Warcraft which I started playing back in 2005. It was a bit of a weird experience because before that I had only played either single player games or games where the people I was playing against/with were also in the room with me. The fact that the other characters I saw out in the world were actual people in other places was very intimating, but it was also very fun and exciting.

I quickly discovered PvP and fell in love with it. The challenge of playing against other people was exhilarating. After my PvP guild finally fell apart I got into the raiding side of things and did that fairly hardcore for a few years. I have been a class lead, a recruitment officer, and a guild leader at various times in my WoW history.

In 2010 I became a moderator for MMO-Champion. I had read the site for years and got involved with the Priest forums there. It also brought a new aspect to the game for me because suddenly I could talk about all the theroycrafting with people who were actually interested in it. Another upside to MMO-Champion for me was it introduced me to many people who play many other MMO’s which lead to me trying Rift, SWTOR, and GW2.

I am very interested in what’s new in MMO’s these days and how different games handle different issues. As a result this blog will cover a variety of MMO’s and issues that span across MMOs as opposed to focusing on just one. Additionally I enjoy many games which aren’t MMOs, though I do tend to RPGs more than anything, so there I will definitely write about those games as well.

Currently I am very active in GW2 and WoW. I have also recently resubbed to SWTOR and have been slowly working my way through the storylines of their expansions and I’m really looking forward to playing their newest content.

Until recently I wrote about MMOs, did game reviews, and various other game related things at GAMEBREAKER. I’ve tried to save most of what I wrote there over here but I unfortunately lost many articles when it went down. I’ve been freelancing around I have a biweekly column on MMORPG called “When Games Inspire” about different fan creations related to video games.

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