Everything We Officially Know About Path of Fire (updated 8/8/17)

Similar to my previous post for Heart of Thorns this will be a list of things which have been officially released by ArenaNet or have confirmed as true regarding their upcoming expansion Path of Fire. Nothing which has been datamined or “leaked” are included here. I’ll also include links to all sources of information for people’s reference.

Launch Date September 22nd! (Source)

Standard is $29.99, Deluxe $54.99, Ultimate $79.99 (source)

Everyone who buys PoF will get a level 80 boost. Everyone who buys the Deluxe or Ultimate will also get a free character slot. (source)

Buying PoF does not grant access to HoT content. (source)

There will be a beta event 8/11 – 8/13 in which anyone (even if they don’t currently play GW2 or are a f2p account) will be able to participate in. Players will get a taste of the first map and the Raptor Mount. (source)

There will also be a second preview weekend starting 8/18 for players to create demo characters and play WvW or sPvP with the new Elite Specializations. (source)

The last expansion was feature focused, PoF will be content focused. (source)

System Requirements have been slightly increased (source)

Story (source)

  • Looks like we might get the story of what happened to Rytlock in the Mists
  • Kasmeer has a crisis of faith
  • Balthazar seems intent on being the only god
  • Palawa Joko is in charge in the Crystal Desert and has an army of undead (The Awakened)
  • Balthazar also has an army (The Forged)
  • Kralkatorrik is also active with his Branded
  • Will deal with some deep existential questions about our place in the world and if it’s possible to coexist with the Elder Dragons (source)

Crystal Desert Region (source)

  • This region also includes Northern Elona
  • Elona is also in turmoil over the return of Balthazar
  • Players who didn’t play Nightfall won’t feel lost in the story
  • Same region where Glint used to live
  • Area has been cutoff from the rest of the world for 250 years
  • 5 open world zones, will cover all various types of deserts not just sand and flat areas
    • Total area of maps is more than what we got in HoT and the season six maps (source)
  • Variety of events and activities in each maps
  • Returning to some of the core things which made exploration in core GW2 fun
  • First map is Crystal Oasis and it has a major city named Amnoon Oasis (source)
  • Each crafting profession will have access to new recipes (source)

Mounts (source)

  • Brings new ways a traversing maps
  • Mounts have an engage skill to get the player into combat and then will despawn so the player can fight
  • There is no cooldown on the engage skill (source)
  • Can’t mount while in combat (source)
  • Each one will have it own special movement ability
  • Part of the Mastery System
  • Each mount has its own mastery line which gives upgrades to the specific mount (source)
  • Gathering or interacting with NPCs will automatically dismount you (source)
  • Will be usable in open world zones across all of Tyria (source)
  • There will be areas where mounts are unusable (ie jumping puzzles) (source)
  • Different maps will unlock different mounts and after you unlock a new one you can take the mount back and find new areas in the previous maps (source)
  • Raptor
    • Enormous leap
    • Raptor will be unlocked before players finish the first story step (source)
    • First mastery tier for increases the power of the engage skill (source)
    • Second tier adds a pull in for the engage skill (source)
    • Third skill doubles the jump distance (source)
    • Fourth skill shares the first passive upgrade across all the other mounts (source)
  • Springer
    • Looks kind of like a bunny/kangaroo cross
    • Charged High Jump
  • Skimmer
    • Manta like creature
    • Skimms over the top of water/land
  • Jackel
    • is a jackel of living dust
    • Can blink and change directions in air

Elite Specializations (source)

  • Guardian gets the Firebrand
    • Specializes in burning enemies and conjuring tomes to support allies
    • Giving up instant support for casted support
    • Use mantras to charge spells for instant use (source)
    • Virtues replaced by conjured tomes of lore (source)
    • Gains focus support
    • Main Hand Axe
    • Give Guardians a more robust way to fill the support role (source)
  • Necromancer gets the Scourge
    • Gives up Death Shroud to help protect his allies
    • Mare battlefield control and movement options
    • Can raise sand shades to shield allies and torment foes (source)
    • Use their torches to burn and corrupt the ground under their enemy’s feet (source)
    • Off Hand Torch
    • Gives the Necro more of a support and battlefield management role (source)
  • Thief gets the Deadeye
    •  Has a Mercenary flavor to it
    • Gives Thieves greater range to work from
    • Marks targets to harass them with harmful effects (source)
    • Can cast cantrips which gain bonuses when used on marked targets (source)
    • Rifle
    • Wanted to explore the concept of being a ranged Thief (source)
    • Very strong against single targets (source)
  • Mesmer gets the Mirage
    • Focuses on being a deceptive combatant in close melee range
    • New dodge mechanic where they blur to allow attacks to pass through instead of moving out-of-the-way
    • Create constructs which shatter when touched and create mirage cloaks
    • Main Hand Axe (source)
    • Wanted to give another melee weapon (source)
    • Can cast spells while dodging and can dodge while stunned (source)
    • Can be both offensive and defensive at the same time (source)
    • Has ambush attacks (source)
  • Warrior gets the Spellbreaker
    • Focuses on fighting against casters
    • Can stop skills from working and strip boons
    • Use meditations to see past defenses (source)
    • Uses adrenaline to perform “Full Counter” and absorb their enemy’s next attack and damage surrounding foes (source)
    • Daggers
    • Give warriors the ability to play more of a disruption role (source)
    • Breaking the mould of warriors being physical only and not dealing with magic (source)
  • Elementalist gets the Weaver
    • Wields multiple elements at the same time
    • Cycle elements from hand to hand and combine them into a central skill (source)
    • The central skill changes depending on their weapon and elemental attunement (source)
    • Main Hand Sword
    • Designed as a melee bruiser who hunts down their targets and eliminates them (source)
    • Good survivability(source)
    • Sword is a true melee weapon (unlike dagger which is close range but not really melee) (source)
  • Ranger gets the Soulbeast
    • Have stances to take on the aspects of wild creatures (source)
    • When they merge with their pet they gain its unique abilities and the abilities of its archetype (source)
    • Will have new pets to obtain in the Crystal Desert
    • Main Hand Dagger
    • Close combat fight style (source)
    • Wanted to give the ability to play without a pet for a bit without it being a drawback (source)
  • Revenant gets the Renegade
    • The new legend is Kalla Scorchrazor who led the rebellion against the Flame Legion
    • Can summon members of Kalla’s warband (source)
    • Shoots arrows through the mists to blindside enemies (source)
    • Shortbow
    • Uses ambush style empowerment of Kalla’s allies (source)
    • Glass cannon style of play (source)
  • Engineer gets the Holosmith
    • Can project light into a semi-solid form
    • Photon forge mode gives access to powerful new skills which can cause the Holosmith to explode (source)
    • Gain greater power after heat level reaches a certain threshold (source)
    • Allows for a multiweapon attack style
    • Bends light to their will
    • Main Hand Sword (source)
    • High power/Glass cannon archtype (source)
    • Can accidentally kill yourself if you aren’t paying attention (source)
    • Very focused around the core Holosmith mechanic (source)

Guild Hall (source)

  • There will be a new Guild Hall called Windswept Haven
  • Must have Heart of Thorns to claim and fully upgrade the Guild Hall (source)

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