Neverwinter’s Gateway

During Beta Weekend 4 Neverwinter let players preview their Gateway web-portal which is basically your access to all your character info from a webpage.
Character Select

After you first log in you are taken to the Character Select screen where you see a listing of your characters and can pick which one you want to select. In this example I only had one character made. After you select which character you want to look at you are taken to the Gateway Home Screen.

Gateway Home

As you can see my character was only level 9 at the time I took this picture so Professions is greyed out because you need to be level 11 to learn professions. Also I was not in a guild when I took that screen.

Here’s the Character Sheet page. I am assuming at some point the red outline of what looks vaguely like a minotaur will be replaced with an actual 3D model of what your character looks like. You can see all your stats in the bottom section and if you mouse over your items you can look at what the stats are (which helps for finding upgrades through the AH).

Character Screen

If you look at the left edge of this screen you will also see there is a menu which will take you to any of the other pages without having to go back to the home screen.

A unique feature of the Gateway is you can level your professions through it! The interface is really similar to what it is in game, the only downside is the duration to complete each task is longer through the gateway. You would really only want to level professions through the gateway if you are not able to login for some reason and you want to still want to level your professions.

profession home screen Profession Select Task

Profession task Task in Progress

You can also post and buy things off the AH through the gateway.

Auction House

This is the view of your inventory you get when you want to put something up. Of course when you mouse over an item you get a pop-up that tells you all the detail of the item.


If you are in a guild there are a variety of things you can look at and check on from the gateway.

Gateway Guild Page Gateway Gnews

You can add events from the Gateway and update the information (if you have the ability to do those things in game).

What else could you possibly want to do through a web-portal? Well how about send mail to people in game!


I am not sure if once this goes live you will be able to look-up other players. You couldn’t during the beta weekend but it could have just not have been active.

Gameplay Screens

Just wanted to take a quick minute and post some screens that I took during gameplay this past weekend. Quick disclaimer though. My computer is nowhere near top of the line and the graphics settings were not even close to set to max. With that knowledge in hand lets look at some pictures 🙂

This is a picture of what it looks like when you talk to people to pick-up quests. You also see this screen when you turn in a quest as well.  Also this NPC is one you interact with a bunch and depending on what part of the story you finish you sometimes get an extra piece of loot from the chest in the backround to the left there. There is voice over, but you are not stuck looking at this screen the whole time. You can immediately Accept the quest and then either listen to VO as you go to do something else (or even start on the quest) or you can just cancel out the VO all together if you don’t care to listen to it.

I took this screen during a foundry quest I was doing (my character is in front the npc following me is the one you can really see there).  You see that gold and purple sparkly path there? That is the quest tracking path. You can turn it on and off using “Z” and it will show you the way to go to whatever quest you are tracking, even where you need to go to turn in quests.

That’s just a picture of my Great Weapon Fighter Half-Elf in town at level 12.

There are also Harper Agents at most of the quest hubs. You can talk to them to find out about local rumors and they will open up the foundry menu for you.

Action shot of me fighting during one of the Foundry quests. That person to my character’s left is my Companion whom I named Trevor. You can also see two piles of loot on the ground from mobs I killed before this picture.

Lastly, near the end of beta a bunch of people gathered up and took a picture in town. You can see a couple of the mounts (look at the bear in the middle!) and a few different spell effects.

Hope the pictures were fun and interesting for everyone 🙂


Over this past weekend I got a chance to play around with the professions system in Neverwinter some. At level 11 you can start learning the professions. You don’t need to find a trainer or anything, all you do is press “N” and the menu opens right up.


This is the default menus for professions. As you can see the options are Leadership, Mailsmithing, Platesmithing, Tailoring, and Leatherworking. The first step for every profession is to hire someone who actually does the crafting for you. After you do that they will be listed in the bottom section under the “Profession Assets” Section. Also as you both level your character up and level your professions you will unlock more Task Squares. Eventually you will be able to have nine tasks going at the same time.

The next few screens show the process of hiring your first miner for Platesmithing.




The first task takes 5 seconds, but after that they start increasing durations. The longest duration I saw during the beta was two hours but I also did not get much past level 3 of crafting. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rare Tasks at higher levels had multiple day duration. You can also pay Astral Diamonds to finish any task immediately. Higher level tasks obviously cost more to finish immediately

Overall I am a big fan of this system. I really like being able to craft anywhere, and that I don’t have to stand around crafting because for me crafting is a side thing to do, not really a main aim for me in a MMO. The option to be able to go run a dungeon while crafting is a huge plus.